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Детям 3-6 лет - отзывы

Мама Полевина Кирилла

Мама нашего ученика прислала скан грамоты:

Мама Полевина Степана

Мама нашего ученика прислала скан грамоты:

Анна Усова

Our Review: My daughter visits your club"Enjoy" from 2015.She is 12 years old.Her favourite subject at school is English language. She likes the manner of your style of teaching. As an observer, I can say that almost every week a variety of themed competitions are held in your club "Enjoy".E.g: a few weeks ago there was a contest on the theme of the elections of Donald Trump. Every theme depend on events,customs or festivals of Great Britain.The knowledge in English language of my daughter grow every year. We wish your club "Enjoy" all the best,keep it up!!!!                                                                                                                 

мама Зубкова Любовь(сын Зубков Кирилл)